Things You Should Know About Terpenes

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If you plan to customize your own high, check out the latest field of cannabis research—terpenes. Such essential oils provide every strain of cannabis the distinct taste, flavor, and smell that you have a love-hate relationship with. Aside from that, terpenes provide special therapeutic and medicinal benefits that can help with nearly everything from depression, infections, to insomnia. Below are the major things that you must learn about terpenes: 

Terpene content can deteriorate over time 

Most likely a plant will have a more reduced terpene content level one week after harvest. Such levels can instantly drop once your bud is stored improperly. It has been found that a couple of terpene types evaporates faster compared to others in surroundings with insufficient temperature and lighting. Try taking a sniff whether the smell has changed since the day you bought your bud at the dispensary or at a trusted online store where there are terpenes for sale

Extraction is important 

Terpenes immediately have the smell once we have come to determine, however, cannabis extraction methods can particularly change the terpene profile of the end product. Ratios can be affected by several factors such as time of day, plant maturation, and climate. Moreover, it can diminish once it’s involved with high heat.  

Terpenes have the extreme therapeutic power 

Look for a strain that has high caryophyllene concentrations for arthritis and anti-inflammatory relief. If you are breaking out, think about having one that contains linalool. If you feel blue, try out limonene.  

THC and terpenes are partners in crime 

Such chemicals can impact our endocannabinoid system just as much as CBD and THC. Actually, terpenes synergistically interact with THC to change your brain’s psychoactive areas and the blood-brain barrier that alters chemical results. 

Terpenes can directly affect your senses 

Use pulegone to refresh your tastebuds, linalool to satisfy your citrus craving, or escape to the woods with borneol. A makeup of terpene associates to perceptible tastes and smells. This explains why several users think that blue dream tastes like mint and the smell of a shark’s breath are similar to seafood. 

Cannabis plants survive due to terpenes 

It’s known that such a strong and pungent smell is made to improve plant development, attract pollinators, and repel predators. As a result, it aids cannabis plants to thrive for a longer time and yield good quality stocks.  

200 terpenes and more that have been determined 

Such powerful building blocks can encompass as much as 25% of the entire oil that’s manufactured by the trichome gland of the plant. Differences can slightly differ. However, every strain of cannabis has its respective terpene composition and content.  

Terpenes are common to cannabis 

In fact, terpenes can be found in most foods and plants. Limonene can be seen in fruit rinds, rosemary, and peppermint; myrcene is found in lemongrass, bay leaves, and mango. These fragrant chemicals are scientifically known as hydrocarbons, making plants and food smell the way they do.  

For more facts about terpenes, visit us daily. 

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